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A Full-Stack Development Expert
Smart contract development integration with Ethers.js
Mastering Drupal Backend & Developing with JS Frontend Frameworks

With nearly two decades of IT experience as an entrepreneur, freelancer and employee, I have successfully created, developed and completed valuable and innovative projects.

As a senior full-stack developer, I have honed my expertise as a specialist in Drupal backend and JavaScript frontend development, standing out with a strong USP.

I am eager to take on new challenges and delve into the world of blockchain technology. I specialize in developing custom web projects using react and ether.js to facilitate interaction with smart contracts, ensuring seamless communication and integration.

My expertise lies in creating innovative and user-friendly products that exceed customer expectations.

I have excellent communication skills and thrive in a collaborative Scrum team environment. My strong organizational skills and meticulous attention to detail enable me to tackle complex challenges with determination and precision.

In addition to my passion for web development, I find joy in cooking with others. It is a creative and rewarding experience that connects me with people.

I am excited about the endless possibilities that lie ahead in my career and look forward to continuing to push boundaries and innovate in the tech industry. Please feel free to contact me by e-mail or give me a call.